That's the kind of mom we all want to be, but...

Anxiety, shame, and rage are all too common. 


"Doesn't everyone?"

That was my response when my naturopath asked me if I worried a lot. I didn't even know I'd been walking around with toxic levels of anxiety--trapped in my own experience, I forgot or never knew what normal was.

 That began my journey to healing a leaky gut, toxic liver, and a life long anxiety disorder. I learned how to cleanse my body and was able to lead a fairly normal, happy life until...

...anxiety reared it's head again in my late 30's.

I actually got so used to my heart racing, being on edge constantly, and not feeling tender or affectionate toward my kids or my husband, that I thought it was just my personality. 

Each day I was forcing myself through the motions of being a good mom while choking on suppressed rage, and spending hours in the middle of the night wide awake, blaming myself for not having figured life out already.  

One conversation changed everything. I found out that everything I was dealing with was actually fixable. 

The first thing that lifted was the shame...I wasn't a terrible mom, my body was just out of balance!

 Within days of starting to focus on the root issues, I was already feeling more human, more tender, and affectionate. My kids began to relax around me. Even my friends noticed I was calmer. 

Do you give yourself endless internal pep talks and work on yourself tirelessly still can't seem to feel peace, much less joy? 

What if it's not your fault and your body is simply sending you signals that it needs help? 

I have learned that peace is possible and I share my journey to give hope and equip other moms to stop just coping and start thriving. 

Come join our group of fun and fearless homeschool mamas -- it's like the lunch hour at homeschool co-op or a park play date -- where we can be real and get help for those sticky places.  You CAN learn how you can create the space to heal and thrive with the knowledge and information we share inside our private community. Plus it's totally free!